July 17, 2013

Five Favorite Children's Books

I am linking up with Hallie today who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers. Make sure to check her out, you won't be disappointed. :)

A few years ago a dear friend of mine introduced me to the world of beautifully illustrated children's books. I have fallen in love since. There are so many wonderful books out there and I am going to share with you some of our favorites. Let me know which books you and your children love!


This book is a true gem. It's a story about a family with seven picky eaters and how they solve their dilemma. It's very sweet and the pictures are beautiful. If you have never read a book illustrated by Marla Frazee, make sure to borrow one at your library! Take a peak here...


Another great book by our favorite, Marla Frazee. I just ordered this for our sweet baby #3 due to arrive any week now. The children love it already.


This is more of a Christmas/winter book but we read it all year long. My 4 year old will look at this book forever and ask me to read it again and again. All of the books illustrated by Jan Brett are treasures, this just happens to be one of them.


This is a must book if you have a son named Peter.  It's an adorable story about a boy who goes to pick blueberries and cranberries for his mother's birthday. He then meets the blueberry king who takes him on an adventure. It's one of those books I don't mind reading over and over again, we love it so much. Elsa Beskow has many other beautiful books we would love to own someday.


And last we have treasured this book I found at Goodwill awhile back. The rhymes are hilarious and the pictures are so fun to look at. Maybe we like berry books because we live in the land of overflowing berries? Not sure but we'll take it.

Thanks for hanging out and letting us share our favorite books with you! Make sure to pop on over to Hallie's blog and check out the other five favorites.

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  1. Love the Seven Silly Eaters and Jamberry! I will add the others to the booklist for our next library trip, thanks for sharing! Another fun read aloud is the original Skippy Jon Jones, have you read that series? If I'm in a bad mood, I sit down and read some Skippy to my littles. Sure to guarantee smiles all around! :)

    1. We love Skippy Jon Jones! It has been forever since I have picked one up, I will make sure to do that soon. :) Thanks for sharing your favorites with us and thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Love so many of these - I've asked Ben repeatedly to build be the silly eaters house, I love it so! I'm also a big fan of David Small (he illustrated The Library and The Day Dinosaurs Came With Everything and so many more of our favorites!) Basically I love anything Sarah Stewart and David Small worked on together. So glad to see you back!

    1. I love the silly eaters house - everything about it! Thanks for the suggestions, I'm not familiar with David Small or Sarah Stewart. I will for sure check them out! Im forever looking for beautiful books for my children. :) I don't believe you can own enough. :)


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