July 17, 2012

Lavender Oil for Cuts, Burns and Rashes

A few years back I bought my first essential oils - Lavender being one of them. I still don't use many oils, but we sure use this one!

I feel as if the uses are endless! Its an antidepressant, analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and the list goes on! Its also a sedative and regenerative, so it relaxes you while renewing your mind! 

It's our go to antiseptic. If you have Lavender oil in your medicine cabinet you can say goodbye to neosporin, rubbing alcohol or anything else you might use. It takes care of it all! 

It helps your wounds or burns heal faster and makes you smell great at the same time! 

As soon as I get a burn, cut or the kids scrape their knees I grab the Lavender oil and put a few drops directly on the wound. It wards off infection, especially if you keep putting oil on the wound every few days. It also works great for diaper rashes, yeast rashes and eczema. I can't sing it's praises enough! 

At the moment I have the jar open sitting on my desk so I can smell it and relaaaaax. My husband has been working late hours and there is nothing relaxing about two toddlers in the evening! Thank you Lord for your providential care in giving us Lavender!

All the ways we have used Lavender essential oil:

  • Put directly on wounds, rashes and burns.
  • Added to jojoba and almond oil for massages and oiling up after the shower.
  • Added to the kids bath along with oatmeal to relax their minds and soothe their skin.
  • Put a few drops on my daughter's pillow to help her fall asleep. I did this for myself once and it really works!
  • Put directly on my son's yeast rash - it cleared up very fast.
  • Used a simple candle diffuser to make the house smell like Lavender.
  • Simply opened the jar to get some stress relief!! (I do this often)

These are  the ways we use it - you can research the uses and find there are MANY more! We bought the 1 oz bottle from NOW and it has lasted forever. Amazon has a decent price on it, especially if you Subscribe and Save! Click on the picture of the bottle to be directed to Amazon.

Have you tried Lavender oil? What do you use it for? Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love lavender EO, I only just recently learned how great it is on the monstrous mosquito and other insect bites we are getting on vacation. By the way, I am still interested in that SCOBY post!!

    1. I will work on it tonight! Im excited about doing it because last year when I was about to write it, I got intimidated by the process and was going to make it complicated - but not this time around. It's going to be the lazy way to grow a scoby! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. How cool! Thanks for the info.,..I just learned it repells mosquitos too! I really need to try that! I have had a lot of fun perusing your blog! I just love your positive attitude, even when there are trials!

  3. Another great use: put a few drops in homemade deodorant.

    I ran out a few months ago. I need to buy some more, especially for stress relief. Do you make money if I buy it from your link?

    1. I do get a small percentage! Thanks!


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