July 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday 7/19

---- 1 ----

Yay for Friday! My husband doesn't have to work this weekend, so we will cherish every moment! There is nothing like long hard weeks at work to make you really enjoy being a family again. Now for showing off my two toddlers. Peter got is first haircut, so he considered himself and man and decided to walk! Too many changes in one week over here!

Every time I turn around he's into more dirt or something! Now I thought I wanted to have all boys - but im not so sure what to DO with this energy! What do I do with this little creature called a boy?!

---- 2 ----

Have you ever read anything about the effects of birth control in our waters and environment? Make sure to read all about it, there's some interesting stuff! I added this banner to help spread the awareness - it fascinates and concerns me!

---- 3 ----

A dear friend of mine has a ministry in which she and three other ladies write and print a journal for mothers. The journal is encouraging, uplifting and has beautiful drawings! I have been reading it for a year now and love it! I added their little button - check out Soul Gardening, order a journal or donate to a great cause!

Soul Gardening

---- 4 ----

On Monday my little babes and I watched my sister take her first vows and receive her habit as a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother. I could barely contain my tears as I watched over the webcam! I am so inspired and humbled that young people, such as my sister have the courage to take the leap. It requires great faith and trust in God. If you are interested, I wrote a little reflection about her. We love you, Sister Mary Rose!

---- 5 ----

Don't forget to enter my second GIVEAWAY: Eat Fat Lose Fat. One of my favorite food books. You don't have to know anything about food to understand what the authors are saying, it's great! There are only a few entries so you have more of a chance! Also, are you on Pinterest? It's a wonderfully evil place, don't you think?! If you want to find the real foodies over there, check out this post. Add your own link if you post real food recipes as well!

---- 6 ----

Now for some words of the wise:

Believe it or not, Mother Teresa had a very hard time and suffered greatly. When I have a hard day (or week, or month) it's people like her that inspire me. I don't have to change the world, I don't have to do big things, but I can certainly change that diaper or clean up that mess one more time for the love of God. Thank you Mother Teresa for keeping it real!

---- 7 ---- 

 Im excited because soon you will see me over at Dyno-mom writing about Kombucha. It will be my second guest post, you can read my first over here!

I couldn't resist sharing:

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Beautiful about your sister :-) I love her name!

    Your kids are soooo cute. And Henry has that same crab onesie! (although he has long grown out of it, since his was 3 month size)

  2. I love all the pictures of your sweet kids! So exciting about your sister! :)

  3. Lovely quick takes! Congrats to your sister...thank you for the Mother Teresa reminder...and for the laugh about kombucha.

  4. What a beautiful picture of your sister! She's just radiant. You all must be on a spiritual "high"!

  5. That *was* a busy week for you! My head would be spinning after all those changes; snaps to you for (seeming to be?) taking it all in stride.

  6. Your kiddos are cute! I noticed your son eating some dirt - he is building up his immune system :).

    1. Missy, are you the one who entered the giveaway and won? I need your address!


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