July 31, 2012

Living in My Ideal World

Ideally I would not buy icecream. Ideally we would not eat out so often. Ideally my children would not know what chocolate chips or juice taste like. Ideally they would eat dinner with a smile on their face and ask for more spinach.

I have sure felt like this!
Lately things have not been ideal.

What is ideal anyway? What is your ideal diet? 

Is it Paleo? GAPS? Low Carb? Low Fat? High Fat?

Or simply eating a traditional diet? Soaking all your grains and drinking raw milk. Oh, and don't forget pastured meats. Haven't you heard about how harmful it is to eat conventional beef?

It's so easy to get wrapped up in our food choices. Only organic, no grains, free-range, raw milk, etc. We can get lost in all the choices and "better" options for us. Better for us, better for the animals, better for the earth. It also makes us feel good. Feel good that we are making better choices.

But is it really better? 

When I start to look at other people's grocery cart and cringe when all I see is processed food, I need to take a step back. It is not better for me at this point. 

If eating healthy or choosing different eating habits for my family is causing me to judge others in the least bit then it's not better. 

Just because I cook a traditional diet for my family does not make me a better mother.

There are very loving, God-fearing, self sacrificing, selfless and generous mother's who: buy cereal, candy, fast food, boxed lunches, chocolate milk, chips and who have never stepped one foot into a health food store.

 Our food choices do not define who we are. They certainly do not define our motherhood.

It has taken me awhile to learn that although it is a wonderful thing to take care of our bodies and make healthy food choices, what is better is to  develop a healthy attitude about it. 

Being ok with less than ideal, eating out, loving more, bringing a friend a meal, eating cake, having a glass of wine, smiling and laughing over lunch, sharing your faith over the dinner table, inviting your neighbor for tea, and yes, enjoying your favorite icecream and thanking God for it!

I'm OK with compromises, I have to be. I do not live in an ideal world and I never will! We cannot add one day to our lives that God does not plan for us. So let's make the most of it!

  “The only thing I really wish for
 ...Is to love until I die of love.”
              - St. Thérèse

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  1. Very nice.

    I frequently feel judged on the Cathosorority community because we don't do the GAPS diet with Daniel (he's autistic), I didn't breastfeed him, and his current favorite food is goldfish crackers. Thing is... I'm doing my best with what I have and when you have a kid with food issues, trying to get him to *eat* becomes the priority.

    The funny thing: we had a picnic day at his preschool and the parents were invited to bring their child's favorite lunch. The teachers were laughing because Daniel had his first cookie that day (from the teachers) and he was eating the same turkey/cream cheese roll-up that I was eating. The other parents had brought their kids stuff from McDonalds and were SHOCKED that Daniel has never had a cheeseburger or fries or soda... EVER! I guess I'm not that bad of a parent after all.

    1. You ARE a wonderful mother! :) I often think about what the saints would do regarding food. Mostly what the Blessed Mother would do given the food choices we have these days. I think she would not have worried, or obsessed over this and that diet. I can imagine her having a very detached, healthy approach to food. It's at least something interesting to ponder!

  2. Very good point! When I see other people's carts, I generally feel anger towards the establishment that has miseducated people into thinking that they are buying healthy food when in fact they are doing the opposite. But I also have a very strong sense of humility about my food choices, because let's face it, there's every possibility "new" research will come out in the next 20 years to reveal that the food choices I've made for my family have actually harmed them despite my best attempts!

    Do what you can. Then, let go. Let God. Love and live life. :)

    Love your blog!!

  3. Very good sentiment as I feel we are all on our own private journies and my foucus needs to stay on me. That allows me so that I can pay attention and fine tune or change my path when needed. It also allows anyone who is interested to see my example, the same way others resonate for me when I see thier example - like what I'm seeing on this blog. Keep up your good works.

  4. Oh Gosh, I thought I was being a stuck up better than thou snot, kicking myself in the checkout line for looking at other peoples carts and judging there lifestyle and mother skills. Sorta like watching people go to Communion and checking out what they are wearing. ( sometimes I read my kids saints story books to keep distracted from doing this) I am so glad that I am not the only one that has this temptation. Not saying its good or I 'm glad that anyone has them. Thank you for writing a blog that really applies to the everyday life of a woman/mother. My favorite though is Bobby smarts off to Robert saying" Mama's the best Mama ever and really likes us, cause she got us fries today and drives like a race car." I am so busted.

    1. LOL - so funny (especailly about the race car! sounds like me!! ;)) My kids tell me I am the best because I make salad with dinner most nights... and because I take them to get a strawberry smoothie after going to the dentist when it's 105+ humidity out there. I used to look at others' carts and lifestyles and felt good about myself because I made wiser choices or felt small because I didn't measure up in doing better for my family. But! We are healthier than most of the average bears and so long as we are always looking to grow and better ourselves where and when it is possible, in all areas, not only food ;), we will all be continuously blessed.

  5. Thank you so much, Sarah. I have been battling lately with the sense that it seems like food-lifestyles have become demi-gods of sorts in society today. A religion in, and of, itself, if you will. I found your post very honest, very comforting, and 100% awesome. Thank you :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Phew.Great point!
    Something that helps me when I see the things that people choose to eat is to remember where I once was. Everyone is just doing what they feel is best for them. I can never forget the fact that when I was first married 10 years ago, I thought that my HAMBURGER HELPER was a healthy choice because I used 10% fat beef and low fat synthetic sourcream that came in a packet.
    I've sure learned a lot since then, but I still have a long ways to go.
    I'm just doing the best I can and feel fortunate to know what I know. Most everyone else is trying to do the same!
    With all that we have been through, this is a great reminder.


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