July 29, 2012

Cod Liver Oil: A Testimony {guest post}

My name is Sarah and I am a wife of a soldier. We have to two small boys with a little one on the way. My family and I started on the GAPS diet this February. It was a scary and hard decision to make, but I knew that God was calling us in that direction. A little ways into the diet, I was playing with my youngest. As he laughed I saw a spot on his bottom tooth, and my heart sank. In my mind I was picturing a visit to the dentist with him. I balked at the idea. I could literally feel shudders and a repeat of his hospital stay when he had pneumonia at two and half months. It was to date, the worst experience of my life, and definitely of his. I wanted to spare him any type of trauma, as he still isn't over everything he went through at the hospital. 

God was providing for us, however, as I had just read an article from Sarah at  The Healthy Home Economist, that she healed her son's cavity using fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures. I had my husband look at our son's tooth and I told him I was going to order the cod liver oil. If it worked, awesome! If not, cod liver oil is good for brain function. When it arrived I got a baby spoon out, filled it up and gave it to my baby. Surprise, surprise! He loved it! As my sister-in-law appropriately said in regards to this, "He's a garbage disposal of nasty!" I couldn't agree more because I struggled to get it down! All my troubles paid off with visible results occurring just a week later! The spot on his tooth was smaller, and even my "doubting Thomas" husband agreed that it was so. Of all the results that I have seen while being on the GAPS diet, the effects of fermented cod liver oil is by far the most amazing! 

This experience has left me in complete awe of God. Last year I would have thought that this sounded way too far fetched, but it makes so much sense that God would provide a natural way of healing cavities. We knit our bones back together after they break for goodness sakes, so why couldn't we heal a decaying tooth? 

Fermented cod liver oil does more than just heal cavities. This February and March were brutal months in Colorado, as far as respiratory viruses go. I worried that my little one would succumb to pneumonia again this year. I asked God to give me a way to protect him from a repeat. When friends were continually taking their feverish babies into the doctors for earaches and horrible coughs, my kids were okay. A friend of mine took her son in (he's a couple months older than my youngest) and he was on the brink of pneumonia. I knew if my son was going to get a repeat of pneumonia, it would be soon. I was hoping that the cod liver oil strengthened his immune system enough that he would be alright. When my kids did get the inevitable cold, the worst that happened was my oldest got earaches in both ears (which I treated with garlic oil). No antibiotics were needed and I didn't take them to the doctor. I know with that mommy instinct that mothers get, that things would have been a lot worse had we not been taking cod liver oil!   

Sarah is a dear friend of mine from way back when. She is a wonderful, God fearing Momma who does so much for her children. I am always inspired and uplifted every time I speak with her. I asked her to share a little bit about her experience on the GAPS diet and taking fermented cod liver oil. Sarah has seen many improvements in her family's health and will be a regular guest here sharing about her experiences! Don't forget to leave her some comment love!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the lesson you have learned along the way. I wish I had known about this last year. My son had a spot on his molar that I crossed my fingers and hoped was pepper..... He has since had to have that tooth removed and a spacer put in . You are right that is stinking traumatic. The first doc I went to scared him to death so I went to another that was marvelous. My sons looks forward to the dentist now. Anyway, he had a few other cavities that needed to be filled and the Doc said the cause was mostly genetics. Where ever his teeth touched there was a cavity. Sarah Doll preaches the GAPS diet for healthy everything especially teeth. It definitely sounds like the way to go, but is too much of an undertaking for me right now as I am battling the heinous candidae with the candida diet as well as supplements and kombucha. The cod oil sounds like just the trick to help my kids poor teeth. Where did you find the fermented cod liver and how is different form regular codliveroil that my kids take everyday? Thank you ~ ELise

  2. Hi Elise,
    According to the Weston A. Price Foundation the Green Pastures is the best brand of cod liver oil. The fish is not contaminated nor is the oil heated at any point. The foundation recommends getting the fermented cod liver oil with butter oil. These two components are what Dr. Price called the X Factor. They together heal and help with the overall development of children. You can buy the butter oil separately or together with the the cod liver oil. I myself bought the chocolate flavored gel fermented cod liver oil with butter oil in it. In my opinion, the chocolate flavor doesn't do very much to mask the cod liver oil flavor, but as I haven't had the original, I have nothing to compare it to. You can buy it in numerous places online. Amazon, Perfect Supplements, and Green Pastures own website are some of the few I can think of offhand. I shopped around and compared prices, and in February, Perfect Supplements had the best deal when you bought in bulk.
    Kombucha is one of the things I want to add to our diet! I have yet to make it (I'm out of town too much), but I am looking forward to the day that I can :)
    Sarah O.

  3. I ordered green pastures a month ago and started GAPS three days ago...which CLO is ok on gaps? I ordered chocolate, mint and peppermint kids. I did well with chocolate but fear it is not safe. Thanks

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Sorry it took me awhile to respond! Chocolate is not really meant to be on the GAPS diet in the beginning. Once digestive symptoms are completely gone, for about six weeks, you can add pure organic cocoa powder. If problems arise, stop using it. That being said, I have never given up chocolate on the GAPS diet. My personal belief, at this point, is to make this doable. Indulging in chocolate occasionally was doing me more good than harm, as it kept me from regressing in worse areas. If the chocolate cod liver oil is an easy way for you to get it, I would continue with it. I hope that helps! And good luck!
    Sarah Orellana


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