June 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

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---- 1 ----

I was shocked when I read the Supreme Court's decision,  Were you? Definitely a wake up call for me. Shows we can't pray enough!

---- 2 ----

On a happy note, have you read this incredible story? Chiara is a woman who sacrificed her life for her unborn baby. At least read what her husband said about her, it's incredible. Also, Fulton Sheen was declared a venerable! Yay!

---- 3 ----

Blogging is so much fun. I enjoy it so much that I will ignore the fact that I smell like baby vomit and dinner needs to be made, right now. Is there ever enough time to do what you love?

---- 4 ----

Last day to enter the GIVEAWAY for soap. There are only a few entries so you have a good chance of winning!

---- 5 ----

Check out the updated section on Saint Hildegard of Bingen. It's amazing how relatively obscure she has been for the past 800 years, her stuff is mind blowing! If her music interest you read this and listen to this:

---- 6 ----

Here is a clip from the movie, Finding Fatima. It's the story of the 8 Jesuit priest who survived the attack at Hiroshima, it's awesome!

---- 7 ----

What do you do when it rains all JUNE?!!?? We are tired of the rain and we get bored! 


God bless your day!

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  1. I enjoyed your quick takes (drawn in by that lovely icon of the Virgin and Child). A small quibble with your #1: the Supreme Court upheld the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act, not the HHS Mandate. The HHS Mandate has just begun its trip through the judicial process.

    I hope the rain dries up for you soon!

    1. aww, thanks! (just fixed that). Goes to show I should stick to food! hehe

  2. WOW, that story about Chiara and her sacrifice is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. Sarah,
    So great to run into at you again too! Sorry we lost contact after my epic fail on Wellness Mama. :) Hope you guys are doing well! I'll enjoy following your blog.

  4. I failed too! It was really hard! I am not back to eating wonderful grains. :)

  5. I LOVE Hildegard's music! I'm so glad to see I"m not the only one who listens to her! Have you read any of her books?

  6. I am reading the book, "From Saint Hildegard's Kitchen" and "Hildegard's Healing Plants". She has written so many and I can't wait to delve in!


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