June 25, 2012

Welcome back, VHS!

We can't afford cable.

We got tired of paying $17 a month for Netflix.

Redbox' selection is poor and their prices are going up.

And frankly, we would rather use our television to watch movies instead renting from amazon!

Our solution?

Hello VHS!!

Our thrift store has hundreds of quality VHS's. Why not go this route?

Cost breakdown:

VHS player: $7
Videos above: $5 total
Quality entertainment: $12

It's the way to go! 

Do you watch all the extra features that come with a DVD anyways? Most of us don't have time, we simply watch the movie!

I will see you later because I am going to watch Thomasina with my daughter. Talk about good quality entertainment!  

1 comment:

  1. Ah great!! i miss thrift stores!!
    what do you mean by "quality entertainment= 12$" that's the total price for the player +vhs?
    also you should pass the word that you are looking for the tapes, many people are cleaning their attic and getting rid of them. :) enjoy!


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