June 21, 2012

Roots Soap Co Sponsor

One of my dearest friends is a soap maker. She uses her mother's recipes to create the best  soap you'll ever use. They lather well, last forever and smell heavenly!

She makes all of the soap in her own little kitchen with two little one's running around. (and one in the oven!)

Make sure to check out her etsy shop and her facebook page. It really helps support this wonderful, Catholic family. If you are getting married make sure to look at the wedding favors, they are beautiful! 

She is always so gracious in giving away soap when someone is interested or simply because! During the Christmas season RootsSoapCo donates heavily to local families in need. Anna has the biggest heart and refuses her love to no one!  (and I know she will cringe when she reads this, she's also very humble!)   

Can you tell I love bragging about my friends? I love her business and I love her. In fact, Darren and Anna are my son's Godparents, they are that awesome. :)

Selling soap together at a street fair last summer

Pouring the oils into the mix

Biking down to the post office to deliver the packages of soap. These are her two beautiful children.

They smell as good as they look!

On another note, come join me over here at GAPS legal Thursdays. Have a good day! 


  1. Oooh. I love the grapefruit aloe soap. I can smell it's goodness all the way in CA.

  2. I've " liked " RootsSoapCo. On FB!

  3. Subscribed to your blog. Love!

  4. Hey! I gave a shout out to your blog and the giveaway on my fb page :)

  5. I also "liked" Roots Soap Co on the book.

  6. Browsing around RootsSoapCo I had a few favorites, for the hubby, woodmans soap, for me, any of the calendula would be great or the honey orange and for our outdoor loving little angel, campers bar would do great.

  7. I posted it on twitter, does that count?

    1. sure!! :) Make sure to get the other entries! Then I could just deliver the soap. :)

  8. Just subscribed, sorry it took me this long...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I liked RootsSoapCo on Facebook. :-) They look really great! Good choice for a giveaway! These would be super sweet wedding favors if I had the money!

  11. Thanks so much for all the facebook and etsy shop love! And thank you for the very flattering post, Sarah. I did cringe, but I'm grateful for the spreading of the word. I hope the winner enjoys the soap tons!

  12. She sounds like someone after my own heart, as I am a giving person & craftsy. I make things for others who are sick, have lost a loved one, etc. as my way of giving back for the blessings I receive. Love to win some of her soap, as I've been buying handmade for over 10 years & enjoy trying new crafters. I like sweet scents best.
    Nancy S


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