June 29, 2012

Chamomile Teething Tincture

I'm not sure about your house, but over here teething gets a lot uglier than this ---->

My son was getting three teeth at once and I had had no teething remedies in the house. What was I thinking? 

I wasn't!

Luckily he is a very sweet tempered baby, or I might have more gray hair. (did I just admit that?!)

I looked up herbal remedies for teething and found different tinctures were recommended. Have you ever bought one? They are expensive! So I took a leap and ventured to make my own, it's a LOT easier than it seems. Here's the recipe:

Chamomile Teething Tincture

1 oz. dried Chamomile. 

5 oz. Brandy

Mix together in a jar - let it sit for 3 weeks. Strain the chamomile through a thin cloth or cheesecloth.

Put it in an old container and pat your baby's gums with it when necessary. And there you have it, you made a tincture!

Wondering what the heck Chamomile is? I have to say it is one of my favorite herbs. After a long day there is nothing better than chamomile tea.

Chamomile has calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. You can tell after you've had a cup of tea. It's wonderful. I fall asleep faster, relax easier and simply LOVE the taste. 
Another cool thing? According to this book, it was recommended in 900 BC by Asclepiades, a physician skilled in using herbs. So long ago!

What else helps a teething baby or upset toddler?

I held off for so long buying this because it really IS expensive...but I have to say it works. Now I just need to remind myself to give some to my toddler when she gets upset, and MYSELF when I get upset! It's a homeopathic remedy that uses herbs to calm the nerves. it's wonderful. 

I am simply amazed at God's goodness and divine providence. He has and always will provide all that need.  Thank you Lord. 

For further reading:

Where to find Chamomile?

Most specialty stores should carry it or you can purchase some at Mountain Rose Herbs. They carry very tasty chamomile, I love it!

"Father, you told me, I have committed many errors, I have made so many mistakes.
I know, I replied. But God Our Lord, who also knows all that and has taken it into account, only asks you to be humble enough to admit it and asks that you struggle to make amends, so as to serve him better each day with more interior life, with continual prayer and with piety, and making use of the proper means to sanctify your work." - St. Josemaria Escriva


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  2. Hehehehehehe I bet it would work in pinch with just the brandy, hehe. :-)


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