June 10, 2012

Happy Feast Day!

There is cause for celebrating for today is the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ!

"Do you realize that Jesus is there in the tabernacle expressly for you - for you alone? He burns with the desire to come into your heart...don't listen to the demon, laugh at him, and go without fear to receive the Jesus of peace and love...
...Receive Communion often, very often...there you have the sole remedy, if you want to be cured. Jesus has not put this attraction in your heart for nothing..."

- St. Therese of Lisieux

I don't even know where to being to say how grateful I am for the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Nothing good I have done in my life is from my own accord. Our Lord sustains and protects me at every moment - through the gift of Himself - the Body and Blood of Our Lord. We are SO incredibly blessed to have the privilege of receiving Him whenever we please! I get a bit overwhelmed simply thinking about that, it's such an incredible mystery of our Catholic faith. 

Enjoy this Eucharistic hymn while you browse the net on this wonderful Feast Day . . . 

Keeping to my blog theme I would like to share some thoughts by St. Hildegard:

“Therefore the same power of the Most High which produced the flesh in the womb of the virgin causes, at the words of the priest, the bread and wine offered on the alter to be changed into the sacrament of his Body and Blood. This happens in such a way that the birth, the passion, the burial, the resurrection and the ascension  of the Son of the most high Father  appears in the same sacrament as the circle of a coin reveals its Lord.”  

-          St. Hildegard of Bingen, text taken from this book.

How do you celebrate feast days such as today? 


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  1. Sunday we joined in on a procession. To be honest, it is only the second time in my life that I have done so. I didn't know that people still do them, and as I have grown into adulthood, I realized how amazing they are and I am thankful to be a part of it. :)


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