October 8, 2013

Five Favorites: In which I show off my Bambinos . . .

Linking up today with Hallie from Moxie Wife. If you haven't seen her blog before, hop on over - you won't be disappointed!

Things have been sloooooow going over here for one main reason, which happens to be this:


Luke Vincent! Let me introduce to you our newest Baby Doll! Born on August 26th - 9lbs 8 oz. This picture was taken when he was a week old, he is now six weeks old and things are just starting to feel normal. Well, as normal is it gets with a newborn! He is now giving me smiles and coos - my heart is overflowing with love for this little guy. . .

We had the most lovely home birth a girl could dream for. I started labor shortly after noon and had sweet little Luke on my chest before dinner. I can't say I am looking forward to my next birth, but this experiences was so positive that I feel more optimistic than ever. Maybe the third time's the charm? In any case I am so grateful to Our Lord for a wonderful birth and healthy baby!

Stay tuned for his birth story, I need to get it written down before I forget all the details!



This is Peter.

This is how Peter walks around most of the day, with some sort of weapon in hand and a scowl on his face!

Ok, I don't give him enough credit, haha. He can be the most charming, sweet, loving and compassionate little boy I have ever been around. Things have been rough going since Luke was born, but he's coming around to his old self again and we get a kick out of things he says every day.

Peter has been hitting us with his sword lately so we put the sword in "time out" thinking he'd not have any weapons. Well, we watched Tangled the other night and this morning he was walking around getting all the bad guys with this frying pan!


Gianna has been the sweetest little Mommy to Luke. Every chance she gets she's kissing and playing with him. Even though she's only four, she's been a great help with Luke. I can see how it'll only get easier as she gets older! 

I love seeing how my children act towards Luke - it's so sweet to see other people love Luke as much as I do. I feel as if every baby we have there's more love to go around and our hearts become more generous.

We have been doing some preschool activities with Gianna this year - and I know she would like us do to more, but life is tough with three little ones! Hopefully things will be a little easier when we start homeschooling for kindergarten next year - because im not sure how im going to do it!


I put Gianna and Luke on opposite sides of my bed for a nap the other day and when I checked on them I found this. 

Heart melt. 


The majority of days around are hard. Really really hard. Im in survival mode and I think it'll be like this for awhile. 

The kids wear their pajamas most of the day and I am constantly frazzled, exhausted  and grumpy towards the older kids. Forget having dinner made. 

That being said, I hate dwelling on the negative. So in case someone thinks its all lovey dovey and roses around here - it's not. For my own sanity, I need to savor, capture and share the beautiful in order to get through the rough.

This particular moment melted my heart and I snuck a picture before the kids saw me. Reading is one of my absolute favorite activities and I beam with pride when I see my children enjoying a book together. 

LOVE it. 

Thanks for letting me share my kids with you, have a blessed day! 

~ Sarah

"Help me, O Lord, that my heart may be merciful so that I myself may feel all the sufferings  of my neighbor. I will refuse my heart to no one. I will be sincere even with those who, I know, will abuse my kindness. And I will lock myself up in the most merciful Heart of Jesus. I will bear my own suffering in silence. May Your mercy, O Lord, rest upon me."
- St. Faustina Kolwaska


  1. What a beautiful baby!! Really, all of them are :)

  2. Hi, I'm Erika and I came here from Hallie's. Congratulations on your new little one! We just had a little Luke and homebirth also - a year ago! Time flies. I know where you are right now. It's not a very fun place. But there are glimmers of joy and hope throughout your days. I hope you can take a few moments while nursing/feeding or whenever and think about the good times - like the ones in the pictures. Let these be your strength. Take it easy on yourself and ask for help!! ~ Erika

  3. I can't believe how the kids have grown! It's so hard when you are in survival mode, and then you blink and life is normal again. We're waiting for #4, and I am enjoying pre-survival mode now while I can! Nora is loving homeschool kindergarten. We are using Sound Beginnings phonics and I love it. I hope we see/talk to you guys soon! Love to the kids.


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