August 23, 2012

Doomed to a Life of Dentist Bills...

I was peeled over in pain exams week of my Sophomore year in college. My teeth were killing me. I could barely eat, let alone focus on studying the pain was so severe. Having no money to see anyone I had my roommate call her dad so that he could prescribe me an antibiotic to kill the infection in my tooth. My parents paid for a root canal as soon as I got home. But this was only the beginning.

Four years and one baby later the dentist told me I had eleven cavities and needed another root canal. The only reason I went into the dentist was because my teeth were hurting so bad I couldn't take it anymore. This was while eating a low fat and highly refined sugar and grain diet. I had lost weight on Weight Watchers prior to getting married and followed the same principles after getting married and having a baby. We owed thousands to the dentist that year.

I figured it was the pregnancy, right? People were telling me that being pregnant is a strain on your body and your teeth might suffer. I was told that if you don't have enough nutrients for the baby, they will be taken from your teeth. Also, my family has bad teeth. I figured that I didn't have a choice, I was going to have bad teeth. My pregnancy confirmed it. I was doomed to a life of dentist bills. 

Enter Weston A. Price. A dentist who changed my life. 

When my daughter was eight months old I started reading the work of the Weston Price Foundation. I couldn't stop reading. It hit me - the research, the wisdom, all of it - I couldn't ignore it or stop reading!

Weston Price was dentist who, in the 1920's traveled the world studying people's teeth. Not just anyone's teeth, though! He studied certain indigenous cultures on what they ate and what their teeth looked like. He found that some people did not suffer tooth decay and yet others suffered terribly. What he discovered was amazing. The research is now continued through the Weston Price Foundation.

What the foundation had to say was mind blowing. Butter, lard and saturated fats are good for you? What's cod liver oil? Babies should eat raw egg yolks? Organ meats are nutritional powerhouses? We need to prepare our grains? Raw milk, whaaaaat?

I couldn't stop researching and researching. It changed my life forever. Finally some information about health and nutrition that made sense. It was not a fad diet, a trick to get you to buy something or one doctor's opinion. The Weston Price Foundation is a non-profit research institute. What they are saying is truly amazing and counter cultural.

When my daughter was 13 months old we conceived again. Needless to say, I was concerned about my teeth at this point. I was ready for more cavities, more dentist bills.

Throughout the pregnancy I ate plenty of raw milk, pastured meats with all the fat, tons of butter, some cod liver oil, soaked grains, eggs and veggies. I still had my fair share of sweets. Try keeping those away from a pregnant lady!

After my son was born I went back to the dentist for our usual check up. Not one cavity from the entire pregnancy. I was ecstatic! I could also tell my teeth were stronger and less sensitive to hot and cold.  My teeth have been feeling great ever since we changed our diet - something I never thought could happen!

At times when I start to eat a little more sugar than usual I can feel my teeth starting to hurt. I know it's a sign to back off a little. I take some cod liver oil and pour me a glass of raw milk. It usually stops hurting within 20 minutes.

Thank you to my favorite dentist, Weston Price! You rock!

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  1. I have been finding the same results, I also have tens of thousands of dollars worth of dental work that "ought" to be done. I haven't actually gone and gotten the three root canals recommended, or the 20 some odd fillings recommended, because I am afraid of the mercury... HOWEVER, I don't have any pain so long as I eat a Weston Price way, even though I have a tooth that has totally split in half. That tooth actually shows no rot, it isn't black, it's white, but it's half a tooth. I don't know if I can heal all the cavities I have, but I have managed to pause the rot. I have seasons when I can't stick to my diet 100%... holidays, and birthdays really mess me up... then I get the tell tale ache, and sensitivity.... and I know I've got to call it quits again...

    Did you have mercury put in when you did the work?? Do you think that having the teeth that were rotten drilled and filled has helped in your long term health? (I don't want to do it if I'm just going to have troubles again in a couple years.)

    1. Thankfully, the dentist that we went do did not have mercury fillings. I went ahead and had all the work done not knowing anything about dental work. Im still not sure what I would have done knowing what I know now! I probably would not have had a root canal thats for sure.

      It seems like you are on the right path! Have you read "Curing Tooth Decay" by Ramiel Nagel?

  2. I love that man. :D Reading real food success stories is one of my favorite things about blogs, so thanks for sharing!

    With my 4 year old daughter's food restrictions, we have had trouble incorporating a lot of the 'main' principles in. I thought we were doing really well on a GAPS/Primal style diet, but the only tooth of hers we had repaired at the dentist has just become *loose*. :insert panic face here: I ordered Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel right away and just finished it. WOW. It's really fantastic if you want to get more specific on what to eat and what not to eat.

    Can you tell I'm his newest rabid fan?

  3. Where did you start your journey? I really need to shift our diets.

    1. Hmm, I'm trying to remember the first thing I did. I think I started looking for all the hydrogenated oils in our house and replaced those. I think eating the good fats is what we changed first. I started making salad dressing (which is really easy once you get the hang of it) and stopped using vegetable oil. We then started buying raw milk and it all kind of took of from there. Preparing grains and beans is a little trickier but it's mostly a mindset change. It took dedication for sure, I can't say it has been easy. The hard part for me is trying to eat and make fermented foods for all those good probiotics. Any little step is a good one!

  4. I really like the WAPF website and while I don't practice everything they say, I have definitely changed my diet. I started drinking raw milk and making yogurt from it, stopped eating soy (except soy sauce), stopped being a life-long vegetarian started eating chicken and fish, stopped eating wheat and stopped fluoride toothpaste for myself and my daughter. My husband say sI look healthier for eating meat (maybe it's from all the changes). I haven't brought myself to eat more meat than that yet. Did you find one thing in particular that really helped?

    1. I would have to say that eating all the good fats has probably made the most difference for me. For my teeth and even my blood sugar! Now understanding why out bodies need so much fat - it makes perfect sense why my teeth are doing better! Have you tried eating lard? It is the fat with the highest vit. D content. If you are not getting a lot of meat, make sure you eat plenty of animal fats! :)

  5. Handsome looking fellow, that Weston A. Price . . .


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